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How Southland and DeVere Enterprises Focus on Teamwork to Meet Their Goals for Success

“But we’ve always done it that way” is often the refrain of many successful independent companies. But the Southland and DeVere Enterprise…

How to Install Insulation in an Attic

Attic insulation is a critical part of maintaining a comfortable home and keeping your energy bills low. There is a lot to know about…

What is Batt Insulation?

When people think of insulation what commonly comes to mind is batt insulation. Batt insulation is made of fiberglass or mineral wool…

How Thick Does Spray Foam Insulation Need to Be?

There are many factors that determine how thick spray foam insulation needs to be. All insulation is rated by R-value which is a rating of thermal resistance. The higher the R-value, the higher the thermal resistance. When installing fiberglass insulation, cellulose insulation or mineral wool insulation R-value is clear. Understanding the R-value of spray foam … Continue reading “How Thick Does Spray Foam Insulation Need to Be?”

How Does Insulation Work?

Insulation is the foundation of energy savings and comfort in homes and businesses. Home insulation or building insulation provides resistance to heat flow. Reducing heat flow ultimately helps maintain a comfortable living space and can reduce energy bills. The physics of heat flow cause warm air and cold air to flow toward each other. This … Continue reading “How Does Insulation Work?”

Remodeling? Now Is a Great Time to Insulate!

Are you considering remodeling your home or in the middle of a remodeling project? This is a great time to consider upgrading your insulation.

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Install Your Own Insulation

Many builders and remodelers tackle pieces of a construction project on their own. Although this..

Three Steps to Minimize Ice Dams

Icicles hanging from your roof can signal a problem. This can be a sign of ice dams…

How to Decrease Homeowner Callbacks

Home comfort and energy efficiency go hand in hand. Although each homeowner (and resident in a home) can have personal preferences on comfort and different temperature sensitivities, the general rule applies: When a home is efficient, its residents are comfortable. Why does comfort matter to builders? Ask any builder and they know the answer. The … Continue reading “How to Decrease Homeowner Callbacks”

Four Easy Steps to Better Insulation

Example of poorly installed insulation. Poor insulation occurs so often that residents in newly constructed homes, or those who occupy commercial spaces, pay higher than necessary energy bills. Lower bills mean happier customers – why not take the extra steps to ensure your customers are happy? Here are four easy steps to keep your customers … Continue reading “Four Easy Steps to Better Insulation”

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Hurricane Harvey was the strongest storm to make landfall in the Texas Coastal Bend area since Hurricane Carla in September 1961. The flooding resulting from Harvey’s flooding is one of the worst weather disasters in U.S. history. It’s estimated the storm damage will amount to billions of dollars. Even though Hurricane Harvey is off the … Continue reading “Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief”

DeVere Insulation Supports the Franciscan Center

  Each holiday season the DeVere Insulation team, managers and founders rally support around a charitable community organization. These organizations have included Toys for Tots, a local animal shelter and more. This year our support went to The Franciscan Center. The Franciscan Center began serving the people of Baltimore in 1891 by feeding the hungry … Continue reading “DeVere Insulation Supports the Franciscan Center”

Why New Home Builders Should Upgrade Basement Insulation

When insulating a new home, builders think first about attic insulation and wall insulation. Basements are an important area of the home that is often overlooked for insulation, including basement box sills and rim joists. Basement box sills and rim joists are a significant source of energy loss. These areas are some of the thinnest … Continue reading “Why New Home Builders Should Upgrade Basement Insulation”

Three Fiberglass Applications You Don’t Know About

When most people think of insulation, the first thing that comes to mind is fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation is the most widely used type of insulation, used to insulate attics, walls, and more in new construction and existing homes. There are many ways fiberglass insulation can be installed today that makes this legacy insulator more … Continue reading “Three Fiberglass Applications You Don’t Know About”

Five Steps to Save Money and Energy

Energy efficiency is important year round. As cool fall temperatures move in and winter isn’t far behind, energy efficiency becomes top of mind for many homeowners. Here are a few steps to take to make your home more comfortable and more energy efficient this year: Upgrade Your Insulation When temperatures drop outside, you can stay … Continue reading “Five Steps to Save Money and Energy”

Honored to Celebrate 30 Years

The DeVere Insulation team is honored to celebrate 30 years of serving builders and homeowners throughout Maryland and the surrounding areas. When we opened our doors in 1987, our goal was to be one of the best insulation contractors in the Baltimore area. Little did we know we would grow to Maryland’s largest independent insulation … Continue reading “Honored to Celebrate 30 Years”

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters and How to Improve It

Did you know that the air inside your home may have the biggest impact on your health? When we think of air quality, we most often think of outdoor air. Indoor air may have an even bigger impact. One estimate indicates the average person receives 72 percent of their chemical exposure at home (via The … Continue reading “Why Indoor Air Quality Matters and How to Improve It”

Want an Efficient Home? Manage Airflow.

Looking to build (or own) a home that is efficient and comfortable? The key is airflow, and we have building science to thank. Airflow is a key component of the study of building science. When a building has improper airflow, it can impact both the building and its residents. Improper airflow can result in a … Continue reading “Want an Efficient Home? Manage Airflow.”

Energy Saving Projects for Spring

Spring weather is the perfect time to start saving money on energy bills. Don’t let comfortable temps fool you — the heat of summer isn’t far away and a cold winter is sure to follow. Here are five ways to help keep your energy bills in line this summer, and throughout the year: Tune up … Continue reading “Energy Saving Projects for Spring”

Why Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam is a product consisting of two materials that react when mixed together and expand after being sprayed in place. This expansion completely fills a cavity to prevent air leaks and keep energy costs down. An additional benefit of spray foam is that it blocks heat transfer from inside to outside during cold winter … Continue reading “Why Spray Foam Insulation?”

Why to Air Seal Your New Home Today

It’s the time of year when builders and homeowners are finalizing new home construction and remodeling plans. How much of a priority is air sealing and energy efficiency when planning your new home or remodeling project? Investing in air sealing and other energy efficiency measures has huge payoff for homeowners and builders. Increased comfort. Owning … Continue reading “Why to Air Seal Your New Home Today”

Why You Should Hire a Certified Energy Expert

Looking for a partner with extensive training in insulation and air sealing backed by one of the leaders in the insulation industry? Look no further! DeVere Insulation is proud to be an Owens Corning Certified Energy Expert. The Certified Energy Expert distinction is extended to a very select group of insulation companies. As a contractor, … Continue reading “Why You Should Hire a Certified Energy Expert”

Why Air Seal?

Building science and sealing air leaks are newer concepts in the insulation industry. Did you know that sealing air leaks is as important as insulating? Here are just some of the benefits of air sealing: eliminate allergies, stop energy loss,  keep your home cool. How does air sealing work? Sealing the “envelope” or “shell” of … Continue reading “Why Air Seal?”

The Best Solution for Insulating Your Metal Building: RetroShield

Attention metal construction contractors! METALCON – the premier event for metal construction products — is coming to Baltimore! The event is October 26-28 at the Baltimore Convention Center. We’ll be there along with our supplier partner FiFoil, talking about insulation technologies for metal buildings including RetroShield. RetroShield is designed to retrofit insulation in existing metal … Continue reading “The Best Solution for Insulating Your Metal Building: RetroShield”

Come See Us at METALCON!

Attention metal construction contractors! METALCON — the premier event for metal construction products — is coming to Baltimore! The event is October 26-28 at the Baltimore Convention Center. We’ll be there along with our supplier partner FiFoil, talking about insulation technologies for metal buildings. Be sure to come see us!

Why You Should Choose the Blown-In Wall System

When it comes to insulating walls, most people think of fiberglass batt insulation. For years, fiberglass batt insulation was the only way to insulate walls. Today’s construction technology has many other options! One cost-effective and energy-efficient option is the blown in wall system. The blown in wall system provides a high-efficiency energy blanket of insulation … Continue reading “Why You Should Choose the Blown-In Wall System”

Thirty Years, and a Special Celebration

We are proud to salute our partner company, Southland Insulators, and their celebration of 30 years in business. In celebration of this milestone, founder Gerald R. Palmer and his team chose to make a special donation to benefit the life of a wounded warrior. Read more about Southland Insulators and this donation.

The DeVere Team is Going to the Dogs!

We are so proud to share this story! Our team member, Tim Smith, owns Jake, a Black and Tan Coonhound. Tim adopted Jake from a dog rescue in Phoenix, MD. Tim noticed Jake’s nose for tracking when he did it for fun a few times after obedience classes. Today, Jake and Tim volunteer for Dogs … Continue reading “The DeVere Team is Going to the Dogs!”

Hybrid System: HY-Fi in Baltimore, MD

Homeowners and builders today are installing high-performing hybrid insulation systems. These systems have the air sealing properties of spray foam at a lower cost than full foam. Until now, most hybrid systems are thought of as spray foam finished with fiberglass. The innovative HY-Fi hybrid insulation system from Fi-Foil is changing that. And both contractors … Continue reading “Hybrid System: HY-Fi in Baltimore, MD”

Police Supervisors Association Golf Tournament

On June 6th the team at DeVere Insulation sponsored and participated in the seventh annual Anne Arundel County Police Supervisors Association Golf Tournament. The tournament benefits the International Brotherhood of Police Officers Local 799, representing the Police Sergeants, who are the first line supervisors, of the Anne Arundel County Police Department in Anne Arundel County. … Continue reading “Police Supervisors Association Golf Tournament”

Like a Fish Out of Water

Here’s one for the record books! A customer called needing insulation for a new home they were building. We were excited to learn this house was located on Little Island in the Magothy River in Pasadena, MD. There is no road access to this island — but we didn’t let that stop us! We welcomed … Continue reading “Like a Fish Out of Water”

Thank-a-Teacher Campaign

DeVere Insulation is proud to be a 2016 sponsor of the Thank-a-Teacher Campaign through the 21st Century Education Foundation in partnership with the Anne Arundel County Public School System. During the week of National Teacher’s Appreciation Day (May 2 through May 6), the Thank-A-Teacher Facebook Campaign asked their Facebook Friends to nominate their favorite active … Continue reading “Thank-a-Teacher Campaign”

The “V” Factor

What You Need to Know About Ventilation in New Construction Ventilation is becoming an important topic in the world of energy efficient homebuilding (sometimes referred to as the “V” Factor). With the increase in green building and the tighter building envelopes that result, a new problem has emerged for builders. New buildings that are increasingly … Continue reading “The “V” Factor”

OSHA’s Permit-Required Confined Space Guidelines

As a partner in your success, we want to share the latest Confined Spaces Guidelines from OSHA. You can find the complete publication here. Residential and commercial builders, remodeling contractors, home inspectors, sales representatives, and estimating contractors are all effected by these new guidelines so be sure to share this with your entire team. First … Continue reading “OSHA’s Permit-Required Confined Space Guidelines”