Blown-In Wall Insulation System in Baltimore, MD

If you’re looking for a high performance wall insulating system for use in new home construction or a remodeling project, the blown-in wall system may be your solution.

Installing fiberglass batt insulation in an open wall cavity can leave gaps between the insulation and wall studs. This can compromise thermal resistance by allowing air to move behind batts. Blown-in wall insulation resolves this issue by providing a seamless, thermally efficient blanket that completely fills any void in a wall cavity.

At DeVere Insulation in Baltimore, MD, we provide reliable, effective blown-in insulation services to provide thorough thermal protection for your home or business. Our experienced insulation contractor will provide expert installation and ensure the spaces are entirely filled for maximum protection.

What Is Blown-In Wall Insulation?

Batts of fiberglass insulation have long been the standby for insulation products. While fiberglass rolls or batts are an effective form of insulation, they have the potential to leave gaps between the insulation and wall studs.

With the blown-in wall system, loose-fill fiberglass insulation is densely packed into the wall cavity behind a layer of plastic. This fully fills the wall cavity and increases its energy savings potential. This system can be taken one step further by air sealing the wall cavity before installing insulation.

Why You May Need Blown-In Insulation

Blown-in insulation can be used in a wide variety of applications, but one of the most beneficial uses is when dealing with existing walls that are already closed up. During the construction of a home or business or during an extensive remodel, it can be easy to add fiberglass batt insulation while the walls are open. Once they’re closed, adding fiberglass batt insulation is not a viable option. Blown-in insulation offers the option to fill the space by blowing in fibers through a small hole, easily adding R-value to walls. Blown-in insulation is also ideal for attics because it settles in easily around obstructions and thoroughly fills the necessary space.

Benefits of Blown-In Wall Insulation

In addition to an easy, unobtrusive installation process, blown-in insulation has a wide range of benefits that may make it the right choice for your next insulation project. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Energy efficiency: Blown-in insulation does a better job of filling in spaces and gaps than rolled batting and creates a larger insulation blanket to help reduce energy loss. That energy efficiency can, in turn, translate to lower utility bills and more comfortable home.
  • Noise reduction: In line with its ability to increase R-value, blown-in insulation can decrease sound bleed and help reduce noise that travels through your walls or down from the attic during a rainstorm.

If you need to upgrade insulation in your walls or attic or need insulation for a new home or business, our experienced technicians can help determine if blown-in insulation is the right choice for you.

Baltimore’s Expert Blown-In Insulation Installers

DeVere Insulation in Baltimore, MD, has over 30 years of experience in insulation services that we bring to every job. Our experienced technicians and insulation installers will work with you along every step of the process, from determining the appropriate type of insulation for your project to performing an expert installation. We’ve been serving the Maryland area since 1987 and are Maryland’s Largest Independent Insulation Contractor.

If you’re interested in installing blown-in insulation in your next project, contact us today at 410-360-6900 for a free estimate.