Home Performance Services in Baltimore, MD

Making Your Home Energy Efficient

DeVere Insulation is proud to have a home performance division, DeVere Insulation Home Performance, committed to bringing homeowners energy efficient home insulation solutions to save them money and help them stay comfortable. We offer a variety of home insulation services in the Baltimore, MD area. Our team uses industry-leading home insulation and air sealing products to make your existing home more energy efficient and comfortable. Homes that are energy efficient have lower monthly energy bills and save homeowners money. Our home insulation contractors take a comprehensive approach to improve your home performance. Explore more about our home insulation services for existing homes and get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.

Why Should Your Home Be Insulated?

You may be wondering if you need to insulate your home. Residential insulation is a barrier that protects your home’s thermal envelope. When properly insulated and air sealed, that envelope keeps the outdoor air outside and the conditioned air inside. Home insulation helps you maintain your desired temperature more efficiently and effectively to save you money and keep you comfortable. There’s no reason not to upgrade the insulation in your existing home. Many older homes are poorly insulated or require a new installation. We can start by performing an energy audit to determine which services would benefit you the most.

Comprehensive Home Performance Services

We offer many energy saving home products and services to help you enjoy the benefits of whole-home insulation. Learn more about the comprehensive home performance services provided by DeVere Insulation Home Performance including:

  • Air Sealing

    This service can prevent air from leaking out of your home. Air sealing is the first step in insulation and can help your energy bills stay low while keeping you comfortable.

  • Attic Insulation

    Improve your home’s energy efficiency while reducing your energy bills with attic insulation. More than 70% of energy loss in houses is due to upward airflow. We offer loose fill or blown-in insulation, batt insulation, and spray foam insulation.

  • Wall Insulation

    Add a thermal barrier with wall insulation services. Our team offers quality workmanship and uses the best products on the market to keep you comfortable in your home.

  • Basement Insulation

    Your home’s basement often has a lot of air leaks. Our team can insulate your basement’s rim joist and box sill to reduce energy bills and increase comfort.

  • Crawl Space Insulation

    While crawl spaces are small, they can cause significant problems when it comes to comfort and air quality. We can insulate or encapsulate your crawl space to help you save money, create additional storage space, and have a more comfortable and healthier living environment.

  • Knee Wall Insulation

    Knee walls are short walls often found in attics that block unusable space where rafters meet the attic floor or top plates. This space is typically not insulated or air sealed, which leads to a decrease in your comfort and costs you money.

  • Insulation Removal

    Pests are a common reason why insulation becomes damaged. Our team can remove damaged insulation and reinsulate your home.

  • Energy Audits

    An energy audit can determine whether you could benefit from sealing air leaks, adding insulation, sealing and insulating ductwork, improving heating and cooling systems, fixing your combustion equipment, or upgrading lighting and appliances.

  • Residential Services

    We offer many types of residential insulation, including fiberglass insulation, fiberglass batt insulation, blown-in fiberglass insulation, spray foam insulation, closed-cell spray foam insulation, and open-cell spray foam insulation.

  • Weatherization Services

    Our team performs multifamily weatherization services in Baltimore, MD. Most multifamily buildings lack energy efficiency. We customize services for each project including installing or upgrading insulation, sealing air leaks and air ducts, installing proper ventilation, and minimizing noise transfer.

The Benefits of Whole-Home Insulation

No homeowner wants to spend money on home services that don’t provide benefits. Check out the following benefits of our home performance and insulation services:

  • Increasing Comfort

    Most poorly insulated homes have hot attics or lose heat to the outside because heat naturally flows from warm to cool places. The reverse happens in the summer and your air conditioned air can escape to the outside. Insulation keeps your cool or warm air inside your home to lower your energy bills.

  • Saving Money

    We use premium insulation products that save you money each month by reducing your heating and cooling costs. These savings add up and can pay for the cost of insulation and continue to save you money after it’s been paid for.

  • Helping the Environment

    According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, if every home in the world was insulated, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere would be reduced by nearly 300 billion pounds in ten years.

  • Increasing Home Value

    Insulating your home can increase the value of your house. Insulation is a barrier for air, sound, and condensation and keeps your home at your desired temperature.

Professional Home Performance Improvements

If you are considering adding insulation to your home, air sealing your home, and improving your home’s energy performance, hire our professionals to handle the job efficiently and effectively. DeVere Insulation Home Performance specializes in high quality insulation and air sealing products for all types of existing homes in the Baltimore, MD area. Our highly trained technicians will take the time to assess your property for maximum energy efficiency. We are committed to bringing you Baltimore’s best home insulation and energy services. Our goal is to help homeowners achieve more comfortable and efficient homes using a combination of outstanding customer service and high quality insulation products. We’ve been serving the community since 1987 and would be happy to work with you to improve your home and get the most out of it. We want to help you save money on heating and cooling costs while keeping your home more comfortable for your family. Contact DeVere Insulation Home Performance today to learn more and schedule an appointment.


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