Updated Sept 2023

Remodeling Planning by DeVere InsulationWhether you own an older home, are working on a large-scale commercial renovation project or a new residential project in the Baltimore area, you may be considering if you should insulate during the remodeling or construction process.

The answer is yes! And here’s why: Home renovation and insulation together create a dynamic duo that transforms not only the aesthetic appeal but also the functionality of your home or building, dramatically enhancing its comfort, amplifying your home’s energy efficiency, and elevating the overall value of your residence or building. Together, let’s explore how these two processes, when combined thoughtfully, can be a game-changer for home and building owners seeking to upgrade their living spaces with proper insulation.

The Power of Simultaneous Renovation and Insulation

The idea of insulating while renovating presents a powerful symbiotic relationship. When renovating, you can seize the opportunity to enhance insulation in key areas like walls and attics while they are open, optimizing energy efficiency to keep your home comfortable. This dual approach not only maximizes the benefits of each individual project but also ensures a holistic improvement in your home or building’s overall performance, making it a smart, sustainable, and timely choice.

Benefits of Renovating and Insulating Together

Open wall cavities showing freshly installed fiberglass insulation.Not only is it opportune to insulate while you renovate but the benefits of renovating and insulating your home or building together are multifaceted. Renovations improve the appearance of your home or building while upgraded insulation increases its function, allowing you to enjoy extra benefits such as:

  • Improved energy efficiency and reduced energy bills
  • Enhanced indoor comfort
  • Better temperature regulation for heating and cooling
  • A sound barrier to reduce noise for a quieter, more pleasant living environment
  • Improved indoor air quality and moisture control
  • Increased property value

Just ask Canadian renovator Peter Darlington. In 2015, he combined renovation, insulation, and other energy-saving additions to create a net-zero energy home in Calgary, Alberta.

Key Areas to Focus On

To maximize the partnership between renovation and insulation, it’s important to focus on key areas in your home and consider all your insulation options. The best places to insulate while you renovate include upgrading your attic and roof insulation, insulating the walls during interior or exterior renovations, improving insulation in your basement and crawl space, and investing in energy-efficient windows and doors. Taking advantage of insulating these key areas during renovations is an ideal way to save you money over time and take advantage of a golden opportunity to improve your home both inside and out.

Planning Your Renovation-Insulation Strategy

Workers installing new windows during a remodeling project.Planning your renovation-insulation strategy begins with assessing your current insulation status and knowing what needs to be replaced or upgraded. Collaborate with a contractor who understands both processes to ensure seamless integration. Be sure to budget for insulation upgrades within your renovation costs to avoid surprises. Embrace eco-friendly, energy-efficient materials to enhance long-term sustainability. There are numerous types of insulation available, often utilized as either loose fill insulation, batt insulation or a foam, including cellulose insulation, fiberglass, spray foam insulation (for insulation and air sealing in one), and others. Following this step-by-step approach will ensure your remodeling project is expertly executed and you receive the best of both worlds in improved aesthetics and energy efficiency.

Expert Tips for a Seamless Transformation

Once you have your renovation-insulation strategy in place, it’s important to listen to expert advice from insulation and renovation professionals for a seamless transformation. Consult with your contractor to choose the right insulation materials for various areas. Schedule renovation and insulation work in a way that maximizes productivity and efficiency. Make sure beforehand that your contractor has all necessary permits and approvals to avoid any legal hassles and holdups. Be prepared to address potential challenges that may arise during the combined process to maintain your project’s momentum and quality, while avoiding potential migraines.

Your Insulation Partner for Every Renovation Project

Close up of faceless builders with clipboard and blueprint.Ultimately, we all want an up-to-date, energy-efficient, comfortable home or building with continued value. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is through the combined forces of renovation and insulation. If you’re considering renovation, assess your renovation plans, and emphasize the integration of insulation upgrades. Reach out to DeVere Insulation today for expert guidance on creating the ideal synergy between your Baltimore renovation and insulation project. We provide the best insulation products and services to our Baltimore community.