Basement Insulation Services in Baltimore, MD

When insulating a new home, builders think first about attic insulation and wall insulation. Basements are an important area of the home that is often overlooked for insulation, including basement box sills and rim joists.

Basement box sills and rim joists are a significant source of energy loss. These areas are some of the thinnest points in a home’s exterior and allow outside air to easily leak into the basement. This makes the basement unnecessarily cold and can impact the temperature of the floors in the home’s main level.

Not only can unconditioned outside air enter the home around the basement perimeter, but it is also a convenient entrance point for pests. Spiders, bugs, and other creatures can easily find their way into a home through penetrations around HVAC, electrical, and plumbing access points around the basement.

When recommending insulation for basement box sills and rim joists, spray foam is at the top of the list. Spray foam adds R-value and seals air leaks to keep out outside air and pests. It also helps keep additional moisture out of the basement, an area already prone to damp conditions.

Insulating and air sealing basement rim joists and box sills will keep your clients and their entire home more comfortable. Ask your DeVere Insulation representative about spray foam insulation for basement box sills for your next new home construction project.