Install an HY-Fi Hybrid Insulation System from DeVere Insulation in Baltimore, MD

Homeowners and builders today are installing high-performing hybrid insulation systems. These systems have the air sealing properties of spray foam at a lower cost than full foam. Until now, most hybrid systems are thought of as spray foam finished with fiberglass.

The innovative HY-Fi hybrid insulation system from Fi-Foil is changing that. And both contractors and homeowners are thrilled with the results.

The HY-Fi hybrid insulation system provides a very cost-effective approach to creating high R-value walls.  When used in combination with traditional insulation, such as fiberglass batts or spray foam, the HY-Fi hybrid insulation system creates a superior insulating system.

Here are some benefits of using HY-Fi on your next project:

  • HY-Fi enhances the performance of the building envelope by maximizing open air spaces in the wall cavity.
  • HY-Fi reflects heat away from the cavity and adds high-performing R-value to the wall. This additional R-value can reduce the amount of spray foam insulation needed to achieve the desired R-Value, reducing overall project cost.
  • HY-Fi can help you achieve a higher R-value in small wall spaces. It’s an ideal solution in areas with strict building codes.
  • HY-Fi is more efficient to install than fiberglass, meaning your job can be installed in less time than before.
  • The air cavity that is created between the spray foam and HY-Fi is a builder’s dream! Now contractors and homeowners have the ability to run additional cables (audio, video, etc) behind finished walls without having to drill through full spray foam.

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